Volume & Issue: Volume 40, Issue 1, 2020 
Phenetic and Phylogenetic Relationships of Egyptian Hordeum vulgare L. Using Agro-morphological Criteria, Molecular Marker and Genes Expression

Pages 27-40

Samira Ali Hassan Osman; Essam Ahmed Mostafa; Zeinab Mohamed El-Ashry; Fawzia Ismail Mohamed; Hala Elatroush; Soheir El-Khodary

Updating the checklist of the alien flora in Egypt

Pages 41-56

Mohamed El-Beheiry; Hasnaa Hosni; Ahmed Sharaf El-din; Salma Kamal Shaltout; Dalia Ahmed

Biosystematic studies for some Egyptian Amaranthus L. taxa and their significance in their identification.

Pages 85-99

Wafaa Kamal Taia; Azza Ahmed Shehata; Eslam Mohamed Elshamy; Manaser Mohamed Ibrahim