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Taeckholmia is an international journal of plant systematic and related subjects. It is founded by Vivi Täckholm (7thJanuary 1898 – 3rd May 1978) in 1968 as “Publication from Cairo University Herbarium” and was named since volume 9 (1978) Taeckholmia, commemorating its founder. Taeckholmia is accredited with the International Association for Plant Taxonomy for purpose of registration of new non-fungal plant names. In order to keep the journal updated and available to everyone, the editorial board decided to publish the journal using online system effective from volume 36 (2016).

Current Issue: Volume 43, Issue 1, 2023 (Taeckholmia Volume: 43 Issue:1 April 2023) 

Computer-generated keys to the flora of Egypt. 11. The Polygonaceae

Pages 68-87

Adel El Gazzar; Lamiaa F. Shalabi; Atia Eisa; Adel A. Khattab

Taxonomic treatment of Myrtaceae based on leaf morphology, architecture, foliar oil glands and molecular characteristics

Pages 88-119

Alsafa Hassan Mohamed; Soad Hassan Abd Allah; karima Abd-Elkhalek Hamed; Nareman kamal Hosney

Taxonomic relationships of some taxa of the family Amaryllidaceae (s.l.) as reflected by macro- and micromorphological characters.

Pages 141-176

Gehad Mohamed Mahmoud Naga; Sherif Mohamed Sharaawy; Heba Hamdy Abouseadaa; Salma Said Abd El-Ghany