Volume & Issue: Volume 30, Issue 1, 2010 
A Comparative study on the vegetation of two Wadis, Sinai Peninsula

Pages 27-59

Amal A. Morsy; Amira A. Hassanein; Saadiya S. Keilani; Maged M. abu-Taha

Distribution of the naturalized species Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. ex DC. in Nile Delta, Egypt

Pages 59-79

Kamal H. Shaltout; Mohamed A. El-Beheiry; Hasan F. El-Kady; Amr E. Keshta

Taxonomic Relationships between some species of Dracaena and their related taxa

Pages 99-125

G. Khdery; E. karakish; M. Abou El-Enain; M. Tantawy

Fossil Palm woods of Egypt III. A new site fo Palmoxylon aschersoni Schenk and P. wadiai Sahni

Pages 145-159

W. El-Saadawi; M. Kamal El-Din; M. El-Faramawi; Z. El-Noamani